Adult Invisalign in Franklin Square NY

Are you an adult that never had the chance to straighten their teeth as a child and are now realizing you want a perfect smile? Look no further than Tierney Orthodontics in Franklin Square NY to help you regain your confidence and obtain a radiant smile. Fortunately, the traditional look of metal mouth is no longer necessary in order to straighten your teeth. At Tierney Orthodontics, you can enjoy a pleasant experience wearing braces as an adult without the appearance of actually wearing braces. With Invisalign, you can maintain a clear smile while straightening your teeth, creating an illusion that you are not wearing braces at all. Invisalign braces offer the same technique, durability and dependable service that metal braces do, only they appear clear in your mouth. Extremely popular with adults in Franklin Square, Invisalign will give you a confidence boost knowing that your smile is being straightened properly without everyone noticing. Easily removable, clear braces can also eliminate the difficulty and hassle of eating, brushing, etc. Don’t hesitate to contact us! Dr. Tierney: 516.747.4541.

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